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Exodus 2:22 [03.02.2022.]

The majority of the entries will be friend-locked.

J&J. [04.08.2011.]
I was reading this article here, and I came upon this on a Justin Theroux's tumblr (it's from his appearance on Ally McBeal - he plays the Raymond character):

RAYMOND: What about the message it sends to young girls? What if you had a niece, who came to you and said “Auntie Ling, when I grow up I want to work in a mud-wrestling club”?

LING: As opposed to a nephew who says he wants to play football so he can eat, get fat and block? As opposed to a niece who says “Auntie, I want to be a figure skater. Put on tight sexy leotards and win a gold medal”. As opposed to a niece who says “Auntie, I want to be an actress and pretend to fornicate on seventy millimeter screen with dolby sound, accenting my every grantee known”. As opposed to a nephew who says “Auntie…

JUDGE: Miss Woo!

LING: I’m sorry Your Honor, but hypocrisy makes me wrought! And why is there still no water?

RAYMOND: Are you going to deny that women are being exploited in your club?

LING: Women are exploited by the high heel shoe. Women are exploited by the idea that we have to paint our eyelashes every day just to go to work…

JUDGE: Again, Miss Woo…

LING: I’m just responding to the question! Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars convincing the world that cellulite is evil. Is that to empower women? What world do you live in? If anything we should be glad to have my club because we exploit men.

JUDGE: How is that?

LING: They’re pigs. Mankind is based on a kind of pigdom. In my club the women basically control the dumb stick and take the men’s money, I’m getting tired…

ALLY: She’s my hero! She’s vicious, I disagree with almost everything she says, she treats me like dirt and somehow she’s my hero!
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A library. [31.07.2011.]
Books I've bought in the past few days:

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